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FES Documentation

FES is a simple to use game framework implemented as a Unity Asset. It aims to create an ideal, low friction framework for making pixel-perfect retro games from the early 90s era. FES takes advantage of the portability, and the ease of deployment that Unity provides, but does away with the Unity Editor interface in favour of a traditional game loop, and code-only development. There are no scene graphs, no GameObjects, no MonoBehaviour, there is only a simple low level API for rendering sprites, fonts, primitives, and tilemaps. FES also provides simple APIs for handling input and playing sound and music.


  • Use code-only approach with a traditional Game-Loop
  • Effortless pixel perfect rendering
  • Draw sprites, primitives, fonts, and tilemaps
  • Easily play sounds and music without manging listeners and sources
  • Handle input for up to 4 local players
  • Post-processing effects for scene transitions and extra retro-feel
  • Lives on top of Unity and takes advantage of all its portability and ease of platform deployment
  • Great example projects to get your started! (see screenshots below)
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