Privacy Policy

Last Updated May 5th, 2014

This Privacy Policy outlines user data collection practices used by software created by Martin Cietwierkowski.

Any changes to this Privacy Policy will be reflected on this page (

Collection of Data

Software created by Martin Cietwierkowski does not make any attempt whatsoever to collect any data about the user, or about the users device for the purpose of transmission to an external party. There is no data transmitted from the users device, nor is there any attempt to make any external data connection.

Vendor Privacy Policy

All software created by Martin Cietwierkowski is sold through third party vendors. Martin Cietwierkowski shall not be held responsible or liable for any practices held by these vendors. For your convenience the Privacy Policy of these vendors can be found on the bottom of their respective online store pages, at these locations:

Google Play Privacy Policy -
Unity Privacy Policy -

The above third party Privacy Policy web links are provided for convenience only, Martin Cietwierkowski shall not be held responsible for the accuracy, reliability, availableness, or the up-to-date status of these web links.

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